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Meanwhile at the workshop...

Written on 10/17/2014

Written on 07/03/2014

HOS Electro Reso Erja Lyytinen Signature Model

Here is a good example of what can result from when two professionals meet. For some time I had been planning to build an electric resonator guitar -  a modern version of the Dobro in which the traditional Dobro sound would be combined with the playability of blues and jazz guitars and sound. When I told Erja Lyytinen my idea I got an immediate answer: Yeah , let's do it.

HOS Electro Reso Erja Lyytinen Signature Model

Photo by Hans Lehtinen

The guitar has been with Erja Lyytinen on her tours all over the world and the guitar has worked on every club and large arena she has played it. Erja has also played the for almost all of her radio and TV stuff because the guitar has just amazing sound pressure that is, the guitars sounds like an acoustic dobro.

Written on 02/01/2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year to all my clients and dear friends around the world!

Talk to you soon!

Written on 12/31/2013

Written on 10/20/2011